POLL: Most Americans believe Trump is a criminal


In the wake of President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen delivering devastating testimony against him in Congress, a new Quinnipiac poll reveals that the American people overwhelmingly believe Trump has committed crimes and they find Cohen far more credible than him.

Cohen’s explosive testimony shined a light on Trump’s illicit activities ranging from his campaign finance crimes to insurance fraud to tax evasion. And despite Republican efforts to discredit Cohen, their scheme did not convince Americans that Trump is innocent.

According to a new Quinnipiac poll Americans believe Trump committed crimes prior to taking office 64-24 percent, a margin that caused Morning Joe panelist Mike Barnicle to remark that most Americans “believe Donald Trump is a crook” and that he has created this legacy as he tries to desensitize Americans so that they won’t be as outraged about his crimes and corruptness.

Here’s the video via Twitter.

In addition, Quinnipiac University reports that “U.S. voters are divided 45 – 43 percent on whether Trump committed any crimes while he has been president. A presidential candidate paying money to hide a negative story during a campaign, and not disclosing that payment, is unethical — and a crime, 40 percent of voters say.”

Unshockingly, Republicans are the only group in the poll who believe Trump committed no crimes at all.

But Trump’s credibility also took a hit, as did Congressional Republicans.

American voters believe Cohen more than Trump 50 – 35 percent. Cohen told the truth, 44 percent of voters say, while 36 percent say he did not tell the truth.

Voters approve 41 – 36 percent of the way Democrats in Congress handled Cohen’s testimony before the U.S. House Oversight Committee. Voters disapprove 51 – 25 percent of the way Republicans handled the Cohen hearing.

That’s right. Republicans painted Cohen as not credible because he previously lied to Congress and is going to prison, but Americans believe him more than they believe Trump. And they certainly did not appreciate the way Republicans conducted themselves during the hearing as they sought to protect Trump at every turn instead of asking Cohen questions.

It also turns out that Americans think “Congress should do more to investigate “Michael Cohen’s claims about President Trump’s unethical and illegal behavior,” voters say 58 – 35 percent.”

That means the Republican effort to claim that Democrats are overstepping by launching so many investigations has been severely hobbled because Americans actually want more probes, not less.

This is a devastating poll for Trump and Republicans that bolsters House Democrats’ case for pursuing investigations and puts Republicans in an even more uncomfortable position as they continue to desperately protect Trump at all costs instead of seeking the truth and doing their constitutional duty.

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