Right-wingers furiously attack ‘biggest wimp’ Trump for caving on his demand for a wall


Friday may well have been the worst day yet of the Trump presidency, be it the fact that one of the president’s closest advisers, Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI to Trump’s failure to get a dime for his long-promised border wall.

And the fact that Trump caved on the wall has left an acrid taste in the mouths of many right-wing conservatives, and they were not shy to express their disgust with the president on his favorite social media platform, Twitter.

Among the snarkiest of the responses to Trump’s willingness to sign a spending bill without any money for the wall came from Ann Coulter, who posted this:

Conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich, the wing nut who created the lie that Democrats were running a child sex ring out of pizza parlor, even sounded like he was ready to kick Trump to curb. Cernovich even praised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Here’s some of the other criticism from those who once supported Trump:

Featured Image Via CNN