Greta Van Susteren gets trashed for accusing FBI of tipping off CNN about Stone arrest

Van Susteren

Former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren should have known better before she accused the FBI of tipping off CNN about the arrest of Roger Stone, because she created a conspiracy theory that even President Donald Trump repeated on Friday.

When Stone was arrested by the FBI in Florida earlier in the morning, CNN cameras were ready and captured agents knocking on his door and arresting him seven charges stemming from an indictment secured by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Not long after, Van Susteren made her accusation on Twitter.

And her accusation was soon picked up by Trump in his response to Stone’s arrest, which resulted in CNN Communications setting him straight.

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto even corrected Van Susteren.

Other CNN reporters chimed in as well.

In other words, CNN worked hard and performed real journalists to get the scoop, and Van Susteren was forced to correct her accusations.

But it was already too late as right-wing media cried conspiracy.

And Van Susteren desperately continued correcting her original accusation as Twitter users blasted her irresponsibility and right-wingers continued demonizing CNN.

She then finally admitted that she was wrong.

Again, it doesn’t matter now because Trump supporters are running wild with accusations against CNN. She created a distraction that Trump and his supporters hijacked to make the story about CNN even though good journalism is not a crime. Van Susteren should be ashamed of herself for feeding their anti-CNN biases on a day when the real news is yet another Trump associate has been arrested and indicted as part of the Russia investigation.


Featured Image: Wikimedia