#RIP45 trends on Twitter and people are disappointed about it


President Donald Trump is so terrible that people across social media woke up on Saturday thinking he had died and were prepared to do their happy dance before finding out that #RIP45 means something totally different.

Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs died in July. But the cause of his death had been unknown up to now when the medical examiner finally released results showing that Skaggs is yet another victim of the opioid epidemic that President Donald Trump has failed to stop.

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To honor him, the hashtag #RIP45, 45 being Skaggs’ jersey number, trended on Twitter.

But those who don’t keep up with sports temporarily believed that #RIP45 meant that Trump had died because he is the 45th president and is often referred to as “45”. And when they found out the real reason for the hashtag, they expressed utter disappointment that our long national nightmare is still not over.

Trump, in fact, is not dead. But at least he can find out just how much Americans are ready for him to be gone, and that they will celebrate like they’ve never celebrated before. That’s how loathed he is in this country.

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