Ted Cruz humiliated for bill mandating that El Chapo pay for Trump’s wall

Senator Ted Cruz has drawn a ton of Internet mockery after introducing a bill that would force the U.S. government to use $14 billion of assets from Mexican drug cartel boss El Chapo to pay for President Donald Trump’s border wall.

The notorious drug lord was convicted in federal court this week on all ten counts and prosecutors are now seeking his $14 billion in assets as reparations for his various crimes, which could then be used to fund Justice Department expenses accrued during the investigation or pay for other Justice Department activities.

But Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) wants to strip that money from the Justice Department and use it to build Trump’s wall.

Cruz even named it the El Chapo Act.

Cruz would go on to release a statement on Tuesday in an effort to justify building the wall with El Chapo’s drug smuggling profits.

“Congress has a clear mandate from the American people: secure the border and build the wall,” Cruz said in a statement according to CBS News.

“Ensuring the safety and security of Texans is one of my top priorities. Indeed, I have long called for building a wall as a necessary step in defending our border. Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way to secure our southern border, and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals. By leveraging any criminally forfeited assets of El Chapo and other murderous drug lords, we can offset the cost of securing our border and make meaningful progress toward delivering on the promises made to the American people.”

The problem is that not only does the bill ignore the appropriations process, it ignores the fact that the American people overwhelmingly oppose Trump’s wall and that a wall will NOT stop drugs from being smuggling into the country.

Even El Chapo’s own story refutes Cruz’s claim that a wall will stop drugs, as multiple Twitter users informed him in a flurry of mockery.

If anything, this money should be spent helping Americans beat drug addiction or helping the Justice Department get drugs off the street.

Instead, the bill would deprive the Justice Department of money prosecutors worked hard to secure to pay for years of an investigation that brought El Chapo to justice. And it would waste it to build a wall that would be ineffective to stop drugs. Cruz is clearly so desperate to suck up to Trump that he will do or say anything to please him, even if it makes zero sense.

Featured Image: Wikimedia