Texas lawmaker attacks noted pediatrician for vaccinating children, claims vaccines are ‘sorcery’

Texas state Rep, Jonathan Strickland is a dedicated anti-science Republican who also rejects the notion that vaccinating children serves any purpose whatsoever, and now he’s in hot water for daring to attack a noted pediatrician who has spoken in favor of vaccinations.

Strickland launched his attack on Dr. Peter Hotez, who just so happens to be the dean and chief of pediatric medicine at Baylor College of Medicine National School of Tropical Medicine, alleging that vaccines are “sorcery” and that diseases can only be controlled by God, because only “The Lord God Almighty is in control.”

In response to that posting, Dr. Hotez, provided a graphic showing that the increase in reasons to exempt people from vaccines in Texas has grown dramatically in recent years, and that children in the state “have been placed in harm’s way for the financial gain of special & outside interest groups.”

Those facts led Strickland to assert that Hotez was in the pocket of vaccine manufacturers:

But Hotez was ready for that allegation:

Perhaps sensing he had lost the debate, Strickland tried to pull the God card:

And when a cancer surgeon joined the fray to call out Strickland, the lawmaker called slammed him as a “communist.”

If people don’t want to vaccinate their children, they should be required to sign a legally binding contract saying they will never enroll them in any public school or allow their kids to associate with any others. Better yet, every parent should vaccinate their children or not become a parent in the first place.

Featured Image Via NBC News