Trump claims credit for women’s unemployment rate drop since 2011 when he wasn’t even in office


President Donald Trump gave himself credit for the low women’s unemployment rate on Friday instead of congratulating women. He also unfairly compared the rate today to the rate in 2011 under former President Barack Obama.

It’s International Women’s Day, so of course Trump decided to make it about himself compared to Obama.

The unemployment rate among women now stands at 3.6 percent, which Trump tweeted about. But he couldn’t help but take a shot at Obama by suggesting that the rate only got lower after he left office in January 2017.

The problem is that Obama served for another five years after 2011 and we have statistics showing what the women’s unemployment rate was for each of those years. And just like Trump’s desperation to take credit for the black unemployment rate, the current women’s unemployment rate is part of a trend that began during the Obama years.

By the end of 2016, the women’s unemployment rate had dropped from 7.9 percent to 4.8 percent, which is a three point drop. That means the rate under Trump has only dropped just 1.2 percent more in the last two years. And he certainly does not deserve credit for it because the drop is just a continuation of a trend Obama started.

Twitter users wrecked Trump in response to his tweet.

Trump’s boast comes on the heels of a terrible February jobs report as jobs growth came to a standstill and his trade wars have caused the trade deficit to reach a record high.

The economy is so bad under his watch that he has to reach back all the way to 2011 to cherry-pick a high rate under Obama in order to take credit for the current lower rate. The only people buying his bullsh*t are his hardcore supporters. The rest of America knows better.

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