Trump Claims Democrats Will Cause Stock Market To Crash Despite Huge Losses On His Watch

Feature Image via Wikimedia Commons

President Donald Trump referred to huge stock market losses on his watch as a mere “pause” on Tuesday morning in a tweet in which he claimed Democrats will cause it to go down.

Trump touted stock market gains since Election Day 2016 even though he was not president until January 2017 and the fact that the stock market had already been breaking records during former President Barack Obama’s time in office.

But the stock market has not been doing so well since Trump began obsessively starting trade wars with tariffs against our allies and China. In fact, last Wednesday saw the Dow Jones drop 600 points, wiping out all gains made in 2018. This is far from what winning looks like.

But Trump downplayed the losses as a “pause” before claiming that Democrats to tank the stock market is given control on Congress in November and even dragged out his tired claim that Democrats want to turn America into Venezuela.

It’s a desperate tweet from a man who has presided over stock market losses that can be directly tied to his policies, and the worst is far from over according to experts.

During his first year in office, Trump constantly bragged about the stock market every chance he got but soon stopped bragging about once it began taking tumbles. And now he thinks he can fool Americans into thinking this is just a “pause” caused by the midterms instead of his disastrous trade wars and tax cuts for the wealthy.

Twitter users mocked Trump in response.


Featured Image: Wikimedia