Trump Claims Federal Workers Don’t Care That They’re Not Getting Paid, Federal Workers Beg To Differ

federal workers

As he rambled on about how Republicans held on to the Senate in November, President Donald Trump had the gall to claim that federal workers don’t care about being paid because they want a wall.

Trump’s government shutdown is now the longest and costliest on record as it enters a fourth week. Thousands of federal workers are not being paid or have been sent home and important government work such as food inspections is not being done. TSA agents are walking off the job, as are border patrol agents and air traffic controllers who are being forced to search for new work to bring in a paycheck to pay the bills.

But during an interview on Fox News with Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night, Trump said that federal workers have told him that they don’t mind not receiving a paycheck because they would rather him get the wall.

“A lot of people that aren’t getting their checks are letting us know, ‘we don’t care. You’ve got to solve the crisis at the border,’” Trump said after spending time rambling on about how it doesn’t matter if Democrats won the House by a landslide because Republicans barely held on to the Senate in November.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Trump has made this claim repeatedly in order to justify continuing the shutdown, but federal workers have already denied it by telling their own shutdown stories on Twitter.

Clearly, federal workers do care about not getting paid and they want to go back to work. And they certainly don’t want to lose their livelihoods over a useless wall that experts say will cost too much and will cause devastation to borderlands, and that Republicans who represent border districts oppose.

Evidence that federal workers oppose the shutdown can also be found right outside the White House fence, where many of them have been protesting the shutdown.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot