Trump Claims News Of The Government Shutdown Is ‘Mostly Fake’ In Bizarre Tweets

Poor Donald Trump. Thanks to the government shutdown, he’s had to delay his departure for Christmas vacation at Mar-a-Lago, so he decided he’d post some of his bizarre ranting on Twitter, even going to far as to say that the shutdown is fake:

Wow! There’s a whole lotta crap to unpack there, but let’s give it a try:

  • Trump is “working hard”? Please! Don’t even start with that, Donnie.
  • How is the news about the shutdown and Syria fake? The government is shut down and the Syria pullout was so abrupt that Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned in protest.
  • ISIS has not been defeated. They may have lost territory, but it’s estimated that 20-30,000 hardcore ISIS fighters remain in the Middle East and remain a threat.

Twitter was not kind to Trump’s claims of how he’s got everything under control:

It was reported this afternoon that Trump held a luncheon at the White House in an attempt to solve the shutdown. Problem is, he only invited Republicans for lunch. How’s that for bipartisanship?

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot