Trump Demands Bill Nelson Concede Florida Senate Race Before Recount Is Complete

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President Donald Trump got his a** handed to him on Tuesday after he demanded Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) concede his Florida Senate race to Governor Rick Scott before the state mandated recount is complete.

The recount was triggered after the vote margin reached the required threshold, but Republicans have been crying foul, accusing Democrats of election fraud even though no such fraud exists.

Earlier this week, Trump demanded Scott be declared the winner based on the results on Election Night. But votes were still being counted in the close contest, and as it got closer it became clear that a recount would be needed to make sure the results are accurate.

Only then will one of the candidates concede. But Trump wants Nelson to concede now rather than wait for every vote to be counted:

The problem is that votes are still being counted, and it’s possible Nelson could still win. Conceding now would be an insult to democracy because every vote should be counted. And there’s no reason why Nelson should concede when he still has a chance to pull ahead. Clearly, Trump is scared that that’s what the result will be, which is why he is desperate for Nelson to give up now.

Twitter users wrecked Trump’s desperate demand:

Florida might not end up being a Democratic victory like the Senate race in Arizona, but even defeated Republican candidate Martha McSally wanted to make sure all the votes were counted in that race, even refusing to go along with the GOP accusations of election stealing. It’s time for Republicans to grow up and let democracy takes its course. If Scott is still ahead after the recount is complete, Nelson will concede. Because he respects the will of the people. The same cannot be said about Rick Scott and Donald Trump.

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