Trump gets destroyed for attacking Marine veteran as ‘weak’ on the military


As a special election in North Carolina approaches, President Donald Trump is attacking the Democratic candidate as “weak” on the military and veterans issues even though Dan McCready served during the Iraq War as a Marine captain.

McCready is running for a seat in the House of Representatives from North Carolina’s 9th congressional district. The race had been part of the 2018 Election, but the Republicans got caught committing election fraud, resulting in a special election being scheduled for September 10th.

This time, McCready has a different GOP opponent, North Carolina state Senator Dan Bishop, who wrote the controversial and bigoted bathroom bill that caused harm to the state.

Of course, Trump supports Bishop. So he promoted his campaign on Twitter and slandered McCready.

The problem is that McCready led two platoons during the Iraq War as a captain in the United States Marine Corps, once in 2007 and again in 2008. Bishop, meanwhile, never served. And neither has Trump, who dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam War.

Given McCready’s service record, he is certainly not going to be “weak” when it comes to the military and veterans. His military service and status as a war veteran makes him an expert on both military and veterans issues.

Trump’s lies about McCready have drawn widespread condemnation and mockery, especially because of Trump’s cowardice to serve in the armed forces himself.

Instead of using the same cookie cutter attack on all Democrats, perhaps Trump should actually do some research before he accuses a combat veteran of being “weak” on military issues.

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