Trump Pretends To Honor World War I Veterans The Day After Dishonoring Them

Trump oil

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday morning pretending to honor veterans on Veteran’s Day the day after he refused to attend a ceremony to honor Americans killed during the First World War because he was afraid of a little rain.

Trump caused much outrage over his decision to cancel his appearance at the Aine-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial at Belleau Wood in France on Saturday, including condemnation from the grandson of Winston Churchill.

Our soldiers risked their lives and thousands died fighting in bad weather on hellish battlefields far from home, yet Trump could even be bothered to stand in some rain for a short time.

On Sunday, he had the gall to pretend that all is forgiven in a tweet marking Veteran’s Day.

Twitter users were not buying it. After all, if Trump really cared about Americans who perished during World War I, he would have attended the ceremony at the cemetery where they are buried instead of sitting inside his hotel so his hair wouldn’t get wet.

Trump demonstrated that he really does not care about our veterans. He had a chance to do so on Saturday and he blew it. Actions speak louder than mere tweets, and Trump failed miserably. And he owes veterans a public apology.

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