Trump tells all immigrants to ‘KEEP OUT!’ in deranged Twitter explosion


Perhaps sensing that Congress isn’t going to give him the billions he wants for his wall on the border with Mexico, President Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter Sunday, managing to touch all of his usual talking points: Immigration, migrant caravans, human trafficking, drugs, and crime:

As is usually the case with Trump, the tweet is largely fact-free. A wall isn’t the solution to the immigration problem; comprehensive immigration reform is. As for drugs, most of those enter the country via legal ports of entry. Crime and human trafficking coming across the border are at all-time lows, as is overall immigration from Mexico.

Oh, and about those “caravans” Trump loves to spread fear about. Two of them have already arrived in Mexico from Central America yet none of those immigrants have entered the U.S. despite the fact that no wall exists.

There was plenty of pushback from Twitter for Trump’s blatant fear mongering. Take a look:

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