Trump Throws MASSIVE Temper Tantrum Over Russia Probe As Mueller Prepares To Announce New Developments


President Donald Trump is having a four-alarm meltdown on Twitter ahead of an expected announcement of new developments in the Russia probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller is currently expected to file documents regarding Trump associates Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen on Friday.

Cohen, Trump’s longtime former attorney and “fixer” took a plea deal with Mueller last week and admitted to lying for Trump about a proposed real estate deal with the Russians that included gifting Russian dictator Vladimir Putin a $50 million penthouse.

Manafort recently got caught lying in violation of his plea deal and feeding Trump’s legal team information about the probe.

These two former associates could deal a lot of damage to Trump and his presidency, so Trump spent an hour on Friday whining about the investigation and accused Mueller of corruption.

Right off bat, Trump is lying through his teeth. Mueller has zero conflicts of interest in this investigation and he has proven to be a fair and thorough investigator. Comey and Mueller worked together but that doesn’t make them “best friends. Furthermore, Trump actually does know Jerome Corsi, a birther conspiracy theorist who has a joint defense agreement with Trump.

Weissman convinced a district judge to instruct the jury in a case stemming from the takedown of Enron that they can convict a company even if the employees did not know what they were doing is illegal. In the end, the judge made the call because Weissman made a convincing legal argument. The Supreme Court overturns cases all the time, it doesn’t make Weissman a bad prosecutor.

Yes, many of the prosecutors on Mueller’s team are Democrats, but Mueller is a Republican, as is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and all of the FISA judges who signed off on the warrants.

Clinton and the DNC have been cleared by two FBI investigations, and Trump is clearly listing people who have criticized him and he has zero evidence that any of them broke any laws.

This is a desperate hissy fit by a man who knows the walls of justice are closing in on him and his corrupt family, and he is panicking. Mueller is playing by the book, which is why Trump has failed to kill the Russia probe up to now. If he could actually prove any of his false allegations the Mueller investigation would have been over long before now. The fact is that longtime respected Republicans are in charge of this investigation and Trump is terrified of the fantastic job they are doing gathering evidence and witness testimony. He must believe his takedown is truly imminent.


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