Twitter Pummels Trump For Clumsily Accusing Democrats Of Trying To Steal Florida Elections

Trump Florida

As Florida begins a statewide recount in the razor thin Senate and gubernatorial races, President Donald Trump accused Democrats of trying to “steal” the elections.

The recounts were triggered after the vote margin reached the threshold required by Florida state law, but Republicans are whining about it because their candidates, Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis, both hold the lead in their races for Senate and governor.

Democrats, however, refuse to concede because state law requires a recount and every vote should be counted accurately. They aren’t trying to steal anything.

But Trump accused them of trying to steal the election anyway, albeit clumsily in a way that makes it sound like he’s admitting that he and the Republicans are trying to steal the election.

See, it literally sounds like Trump is declaring that he is trying to steal the elections.


Twitter users not only pointed that out, they slammed him for daring to level such accusations against Democrats:

If Florida Democrats pull off the victories in these races, it won’t be because they stole votes, it will be because every vote was accurately counted, which is how democracy works. Just because an election doesn’t go Trump’s way it doesn’t mean fraud occurred. It means democracy is working as it’s supposed to, and that’s good for our country.

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