Twitter reacts with horror after Supreme Court denies Muslim inmate his religious rights before execution


The Supreme Court completely disregarded the First Amendment rights of a Muslim inmate in Alabama who wanted to be accompanied to his execution by his Imam, resulting in a firestorm of outrage across the country.

In this country, our Constitution protects the religious freedom of people of all faiths, including Muslims. But the five conservative Supreme Court justices ignored it on Thursday after denying an appeal made by Dominique Ray, who sued after Alabama officials refused his request for his Imam to be present during his execution to offer him final religious rites before he died. Alabama executed Ray after the high court issued the ruling.

Thus, the Supreme Court justices are hypocrites because if a Christian inmate requests a pastor to be present, officials do everything they can to make sure one is present inside the execution chamber. But not in this case, and that’s an absolute civil rights travesty that strikes at the core of constitutional law.

The four dissenting justices called the decision “profoundly wrong” and shredded the ruling for discriminating against Muslims.

Twitter users also blasted the decision:

Clearly, this is a miscarriage of justice. Sure, Ray deserved to be punished for his crimes, but denying him his religious rights is a slippery slope that could one day affect millions of Americans who are not Christian. This Supreme Court just lost all credibility, assuming it had any left to begin with. And so have conservatives, who have constantly whined about so-called attacks on religious freedom, only to remain silent about or cheer the ruling because Ray was a Muslim.

Featured Image: Wikimedia