Twitter Shreds Jeanine Pirro For Her Blatant Lie About Nancy Pelosi

Fox Host Jeanine Pirro got caught making up a blatant lie about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and is paying the price on Twitter for her dishonesty.

Saturday evening, Pirro was interviewing President Donald Trump via phone when she suggested that Pelosi was spending the weekend in Puerto Rico instead of staying in Washington to negotiate an end to the government shutdown, which is now the longest in American history.

But Pelosi wasn’t in Puerto Rico, so Pirro had to try and walk back her faux pas on Twitter, posting this on her account:

Notice how Pirro tried to blame the news reports for her error? Also be sure and notice that she didn’t actually apologize. Instead, she did what so many conservatives do when the they get caught screwing up: She passed the buck.

Pirro’s failure to apologize was met with well-deserved scorn and ridicule from other social media users. Some of the comments are flat-out genius:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot