Twitter Torches Trump’s Fake Claim That He Supports Veterans

Trump veterans

President Donald Trump is now kissing up to veterans after a week in which he refused to honor fallen American soldiers because of rain on Veteran’s Day weekend.

During remarks on Thursday afternoon at the White House, Trump had the gall to speak about “sacred duty” and claimed that he honors those who wear the uniform.

Of course, his words are worthless because of his actions over the last week.

While he was in France to mark the 100th anniversary of World War I, Trump deliberately skipped a ceremony honoring American troops who died during the Battle of Belleau Wood all because it was raining outside.

Instead, leaders from other nations honored our troops, and Trump spent his day rage tweeting and watching television.

Then Trump did it again when he returned to the United States, electing not to attend a Veteran’s Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. Once again, Trump disrespected those who gave their lives for this country, leaving it up to France to step in and do his duty for him.

And let’s not forget that Trump has repeatedly insulted veterans and their families over the last two years, including insulting the late Senator John McCain and attacking a Gold Star family. Trump even dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam War. He has no idea what it’s like to serve or to have a family member who served or is serving.

Twitter users swiftly torched Trump for pretending to love veterans.

Trump can’t claim that he honors the troops and then proceed to step on their graves by refusing to honor them at ceremonies because it’s raining. He can’t say he loves the troops and then use them for a political stunt at the border that will cost them the time they could be spending with their families on Thanksgiving.

Trump is unfit to be president and he’s a disgraceful Commander in Chief. He only cares about himself and he will continue using veterans as a prop to serve his purposes. This speech was one big lie. And it’s shameful.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot