Twitter Trolls Trump’s Strange ‘Dear Diary’ Tweet Aimed At Jim Acosta

Trump concrete wall

President Donald Trump childishly attacked CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Thursday night for fact-checking him at the southern border with a strange “Dear Diary” tweet that Twitter users seized upon to troll him.

Trump traveled to the border earlier in the day for a photo-op with Border Patrol agents in yet another desperate ploy to promote his worthless ego wall. And Acosta traveled there as well to do his job, which he performed perfectly by pointing out how safe residents along the border feel even without a barrier.

Trump responded with a bizarre post.

Basically, Acosta schooled Trump and undermined his constant fear mongering. Yet, Trump had no real comeback.

Twitter users, however, turned Trump’s pathetic “Dear Diary” post against him.

Trump is clearly annoyed with Acosta constantly fact-checking him and revealing him as the liar he is. His tweet is nothing more than yet another attack on the media, but it spectacularly backfired just like Trump’s shutdown will backfire on him and any Republicans who continue to support him.


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