WATCH Stephen Miller Get His A*s Handed To Him By CNN Host Wolf Blitzer

Much like the president he works for, senior White House adviser Stephen Miller is a disgusting, loathsome little man who is fond of trying to pick fights with anyone who dares to disagree with him.

But Miller didn’t fare very well in an interview with CNN host Wolf Blitzer on Thursday evening. Blitzer began the interview by asking about the sudden resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis earlier in the evening:

“I see you smiling, but right now doesn’t look like there’s a lot to smile about.”

The perpetually glib Miller replied:

“There is a lot to be happy about.

“Let’s talk about the big picture here, Wolf. The media that’s having this hysterical reaction James Mattis retiring, is the same media in many cases, the same politicians in many cases, who cheered our nation into a war in Iraq that turned out to be an absolute catastrophe. This president got elected to get our foreign policy back on the right track after years of being adrift.”

Blitzer then asked:

“Does the president want to withdraw the 14,000 troops from Afghanistan and the 5,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, in addition to the 2,000 troops in Syria?”

An enraged Miller shouted:

“ISIS has been defeated!”

When the discussion turned to the pending shutdown of the federal government over President Trump’s demand that $5 billion be included for his border wall, Blitzer posed this question to Miller:

“We’re apparently in the same position we were a week ago. The president had as you know two years of Republican-controlled House and a Republican-controlled Senate to get this done. To build that border wall. Why did he fail?”

With an uncomfortable smile and chuckle, Miller could only respond:


When Blitzer again asked why Trump didn’t get funding with the GOP in control of both houses of Congress for two years, Miller resorted to histrionics once more, his voice rising as he declared:

“How many more innocent people have to die?”

But Blitzer wasn’t having any of Miller’s bad behavior, telling him:

“Calm down a minute. We don’t have to yell. These are important policy issues we are discussing.”

As we’ve seen repeatedly with Trump and other members of his administration, when they start to lose a debate or discussion, they immediate resort to anger, lies, and insults. That’s because they know they don’t have the facts on their side, so they try and use drama to cover for their incompetence.

Kudos to Wolf Blitzer for not letting Stephen Miller go unchallenged.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot