Bill Maher hilariously mocks Fox News for attacking Mexico (VIDEO)


HBO host Bill Maher took a shot at Fox News during “Real Time” for referring to three Central American countries as “Mexican countries,” and embarrassing gaffe that drew further humiliation on Friday night.

Maher began by noting that President Donald Trump is scheming to release detained migrants in sanctuary cities across the country, the very same migrants he claims are “killers and rapists” and maybe even terrorists.

Trump even admitted that he is considering such an action.

Trump’s plan is so sickening that former GOP Rep. David Jolly condemned it.

Maher referred to Trump as “deplorable,” but then took aim at Fox News.

While Trump was threatening to cut aid from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador over migrants seeking asylum in the United States, Fox & Friends showed a graphic referring to the three nations as “Mexican countries.”

“The mean attitude, on Fox & Friends — they called Central America ‘Mexican countries,’” Maher said

“Mexican countries?” he asked in bewilderment.

Maher then pointed out that Fox News has some real nerve attacking Mexico when they can’t even speak English themselves.

“By the way they also once called, a couple weeks ago, called a ‘selfie’ a ‘selife,'” Maher observed, even showing the chyron Fox used containing the misspelling. “They even misspelled ‘spelling bee’ — that’s true.”

“You know what, if you guys are going to live in the United States, learn the f*cking language,” he quipped.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot