CNN’s Jim Acosta schools Trump and Dershowitz for complaining about 25th Amendment


President Donald Trump and law professor Alan Dershowitz both got schooled by CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Thursday night for absurdly declaring that the 25th Amendment is “unconstitutional.”

Seriously, after Trump watched Dershowitz attack Justice Department officials on Fox News for discussing invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him after he fired former FBI Director James Comey, he repeated the rant on Twitter.

Except that the 25th Amendment is literally part of the Constitution and it allows the Vice-President and members of the president’s Cabinet to vote to remove him from office if they feel him incapable of doing the job, which Trump has repeatedly demonstrated since taking office.

But now Dershowitz, a constant Trump apologist, and defender thinks invoking the 25th Amendment is “unconstitutional.”

In response, Acosta pointed out the obvious flaw.

Legal experts and lawmakers agreed with Acosta.

Clearly, Trump and his supporters are attacking the 25th Amendment because they know it’s a legal mechanism of removing him from power. They have done the same thing by attacking the Russia investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, oversight efforts by Congress, and calls for impeachment.

Trump may think the 25th Amendment is unconstitutional, but Dershowitz should know better as an attorney and supposed legal scholar. He shouldn’t be getting schooled by a journalist who did not go to law school.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot