Customs official interrogates and harasses journalist at LAX under a picture of Trump


President Donald Trump’s hostility towards journalists now extends to Customs at airports as one man found out this week after being harassed and interrogated at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

As we all know, Trump refers to any media outlet he doesn’t like as “fake news,” with CNN and MSNBC as two of his favorite targets. Because of his attacks, journalists around the world have been subjected to harassment, imprisonment or worse.

On Thursday, Empire Magazine journalist James Dyer went through Customs and Immigration at LAX and found out that anti-journalism fervor infects American airport security as well.

All Dyer wanted to do is get through Customs like thousands of other people every day. But unlike most Americans, Dyer had to deal with a Trump-supporting Customs officer who decided to harass him for being a journalist, and all under a picture of Trump.

Dyer explained his ordeal on Twitter:

Indeed, journalists deserve respect and are essential to maintaining democracy and freedom. They serve as a check on power and strive to investigate in order to find the truth. But Trump hates any journalist that does not subscribe to his propaganda and his assaults on press freedom is having a ripple effect across the country and around the world. Dyer stressed that he was not detained or assaulted, but that could easily change as Trump’s supporters continue to be incited to commit violence against Trump’s “enemies”.

Featured Image: Wikimedia