Donald Trump Jr. whines that Instagram is censoring him and gets a lesson in free speech

Much like his father, Donald Trump Jr. just loves to traffic in conspiracy theories, but his latest involving censorship of him and his fans on Instagram wound up getting him endlessly mocked and reminded that free speech is a double-edged sword.

On Wednesday, Junior posted this on Twitter and Instagram:

A couple of points need to be made regarding the tweet before we go any further:

  • “Effected” should be spelled “affected.” But what do you expect from the son of man who gave us the infamous “covfefe” post on social media?
  • Linking to a story from Breitbart isn’t exactly the way you want to try and make your point.

As it turns out, censorship had nothing to do with what Don Jr. and his followers were experiencing, as Instagram pointed out:

“The ‘action blocked’ message is shown to people when we detect they may be taking part in spammy behavior, for example, liking multiple posts, following multiple accounts or similar. This is a measure we have in place to prevent spam on Instagram and isn’t specific to any one account.”

Also, keep in mind that no social media site is obligated to let you say whatever you want. They don’t even have to let you create an account if they choose not to. So screaming “censorship” may sound nice and have the ring of the “deep state” controlling speech, but it’s just complete BS. You have a right to say what you want on a blog site you own, but Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are not required to let you do the same on their platforms.

Best of all, however, was the lesson Junior got in how free speech really works:

It’d be nice to think that maybe Junior has learned a valuable lesson from this latest self-inflicted humiliation, but we all know that’s not possible for anyone with the last name Trump.

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