Kellyanne’s husband, George Conway, calls Trump a ‘sociopath’ for palling around with Kim Jong Un


President Donald Trump is literally fraternizing with one of America’s most determined enemies, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, resulting in Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway referring to both of them as “sociopaths” on Wednesday.

After arriving in Vietnam on Tuesday, Trump had the gall to call the murderous dictator his “friend.”

We’re talking about a tyrant who has repeatedly threatened to nuke our nation and allies and who continues to build a nuclear arsenal while Trump insists North Korea is denuclearizing.

Trump’s own intelligence officials have testified that North Korea has no intention of giving up their nuclear weapons, and national security experts fear Trump is going to make major concessions to North Korea out of desperation to please Kim Jong Un.

On Wednesday, Trump continued sucking up to Kim Jong Un by predicting North Korea will become an “economic powerhouse” and then posted video of him talking about how good their relationship is:

Not long after those tweets, George Conway responded to an op-ed in the Washington Post that asks, “Why does Trump fall in love with bad men?” by giving a short brutal answer:

Conway is not wrong. Trump likes power, and especially envies authoritarian power like Kim Jong Un wields. The North Korean people are forced to adore him and the press is state-controlled and there is never any negative stories about him. Even Trump once complained that Americans don’t pay attention to him like North Koreans pay attention to Kim.

“He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same,” Trump told Fox News shortly after returning from the Singapore summit last year.

Clearly, Trump wishes he could exert as much power over the United States as Kim does in North Korea, which is frightening. And it will only get worse the more time he spends with him, as will our national security as Kim flatters Trump into giving him everything he wants. Trump’s adoration of Kim is North Korea’s greatest weapon right now, and they are using it.

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