Laura Ingraham gets owned for ironically slamming Trump for respecting leader who locks people up in camps


Fox News host Laura Ingraham finally criticized President Donald Trump, but Twitter users were all too eager to point out the irony and hypocrisy of her critique.

On Tuesday, Trump praised Chinese President Xi Jinping and claimed to have “unlimited” respect him.

The problem is that China has some of the worst human rights violations in the world, something Ingraham pointed out in response.

Unfortunately, she conveniently ignored the fact that Trump has placed thousands of migrant children in internment camps here at home after kidnapping them from their parents, which is a crime against humanity.

Trump has also said the same flattering things about Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who has journalists and political opponents murdered. And let’s not forget Trump’s undying love for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, whose human rights abuses go beyond brutal.

Twitter users quickly informed Ingraham of her hypocrisy.

If Ingraham really cares about human rights issues, she should be railing against Trump’s own human rights abuses. Because our nation can’t possibly criticize human rights records in other countries without our own record being thrown in our faces.

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