Newt Gingrich burned to the ground for daring to compare DJT to Winston Churchill


Newt Gingrich humiliated himself again in defense of President Donald Trump on Monday morning by comparing Trump to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Trump is at his Mar-a-Lago resort playing golf instead of dealing with multiple issues at home and abroad as he prepares to shut the government down again because he isn’t getting his wall and national security threats from North Korea, ISIS and Russia remain. Trump’s trade wars also remain in effect, hurting America’s farmers and manufacturers as he struggles to sink a putt while Secret Service watch over him from a cart taxpayers had to provide.

It’s quite a bit of laziness from a man who promised to be working instead of golfing.

But Gingrich attempted to defend Trump on Twitter by comparing him to Churchill.

This coming from a man whom Ann Coulter skewered last month for always kissing Trump’s a**.

Churchill fought during World War I as a soldier and guided the British through World War II as prime minister. Trump dodged military service multiple times and is busy surrendering in the Middle East after years of sacrifice by our military to rid the region of terrorists, clearly the opposite of Churchill’s “never surrender” attitude.

Even Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames despises Trump, most recently criticizing him for skipping a service honoring American troops who died fighting in World War I.

That was just three months ago, and it’s pretty safe to say that Soames would vehemently object to Gingrich disrespecting his grandfather by comparing Trump to him.

But he really doesn’t have to because Twitter users did it for him.

Gingrich just got his a** handed to him. It’s too bad he won’t stop kissing Trump’s as a result.

Featured Image: Wikimedia