Obama hammers Trump without even saying his name during a conference in Utah


Former President Barack Obama delivered remarks to 12,000 people at the annual Qualtrics conference in Utah on Wednesday, and he skillfully slammed President Donald Trump without even saying his name.

The extent of Trump’s various scandals have unfolded over the past week since his former lawyer Michael Cohen testified at a House Oversight Committee hearing and continues to testify behind closed doors this week.

House committees have also ramped up their investigations and are now pursuing various Trump crimes including money laundering, tax evasion and insurance fraud along with crimes being probed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Russia investigation.

Trump scandals also include ordering that his son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump both be given top secret security clearance despite serious opposition from intelligence officials. His policies are even controversial because Trump appears to be making decisions based on whether or not he and certain corporate big-wigs can make a buck.

As Obama explained to his audience on Wednesday, he didn’t have big scandals and indictments to deal with during his eight-year presidency and it’s because he built a team with differing views who acknowledge facts and use facts and reason to solve problems instead of making policies to enrich themselves.

“Things like rule of law, democracy and you know, competence and facts; those things are not partisan, but they also don’t happen automatically,” Obama said. “There has to be citizens who insist on it and participate to make sure it happens. Democracy is a garden that has to be tended.”

Obama then told people to not be ″afraid to resort to gathering people that have greater experience than you do. I was good at making sure that the people who are working for me, with me, were there for the right reasons and there was a core integrity to what they were doing.”

Clearly, this is advice Trump should follow since many of his appointees are unqualified lackeys. Obama also took a swipe at Trump’s whining about not getting credit for things he didn’t do.

“If you can build a culture where it’s about solving the problem, or getting the work done, as opposed to who’s getting the credit or ‘how much money am I making out of this’ or what have you, that builds a transparency that allows for good decision-making,” concluded. “Because there’s clarity about the goals and objectives and values at the heart of the organization. And it also means that you don’t have big scandals and indictments.”


Here’s Obama’s full remarks via YouTube.

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