Pelosi cancels SOTU after Trump tries to bully her

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President Donald Trump tried to bully House Speaker Nancy Pelosi into letting him deliver a State of the Union address (SOTU) to a joint session of Congress next week over her objections, resulting in a Twitter storm of outrage calling on her to bar him from the House, which is exactly what she did.

In a letter to Trump earlier this month, Pelosi cited security concerns amid the government shutdown to request Trump postpone the speech until it ends, pointing out that it’s unfair for Secret Service agents to have to work overtime without pay.

Trump had been considering delivering the speech at a campaign rally, but decided instead to bully Pelosi in a new letter released on Wednesday telling he intends to deliver the speech in the House.

“There are no security concerns regarding the State of the Union Address,” Trump claimed. “Therefore, I will be honoring your invitation, and fulfilling my Constitutional duty, to deliver important information to the people and Congress of the United States of America regarding the State of our Union.”

“I look forward to seeing you on the evening on January 29th in the Chamber of the House of Representatives,” he concluded. “It would be so very sad for our Country if the State of the Union were not delivered on time, on schedule, and very importantly, on location!”

It needs to be stressed that while Pelosi extended an invitation, it still takes a concurrent resolution passed by both houses of Congress before Trump can actually speak. And that has not happened yet. Also, it’s being reported that Pelosi has already warned members not to invite their families to Washington DC next week, signaling that she will likely prevent Trump from delivering the speech in person, forcing him to deliver it elsewhere, which would not be a SOTU address since it would not be delivered to Congress, or deliver it in writing as early presidents did.

Check out a report with more details below:

Twitter users blasted Trump and urged Pelosi to bar him from the House.

And Pelosi was apparently listening because she canceled the SOTU.

“I am writing to inform you that the House of Representatives will not consider a concurrent resolution authorizing the President’s State of the Union address in the House Chamber until government has opened,” Pelosi wrote in letter responding to Trump. “Again, I look forward to welcoming you to the House on a mutually agreeable date for this address when government has been opened.”

Trump’s speech would likely have blamed Democrats for the shutdown and would be an hour-long whine about the wall and bragging about himself, nothing the American people or Congress need to put up with. Neither do the major networks. This is a major speech that Trump would likely abuse or cheapen to push a toxic agenda of division and hate in the middle of a government shutdown the American people blame him for.

Pelosi did the right thing by standing up to Trump and his petulant childlike behavior.

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