Rick Wilson devastatingly skewers Trump for spitting on John McCain’s grave


President Donald Trump made a huge mistake by attacking the ghost of the late-Senator John McCain over the weekend, because GOP strategist Rick Wilson fired back with a devastating and humiliating rebuke on Monday night.

Over the weekend, Trump repeatedly attacked McCain on Twitter and at a campaign rally, specifically accusing McCain of sparking the Russia investigation even though McCain had nothing to do with it except hand over the Steele dossier to the FBI, which the FBI already possessed.

Trump’s tirade drew outrage from Twitter users on both the right and the left as even Trump’s own supporters felt it wholly inappropriate to kick a dead man who can’t defend himself.

Well, Rick Wilson defended McCain during an appearance on CNN with Anderson Cooper by dropping bomb after bomb on Trump.

“An actual man can own his mistakes and laugh at himself and have some self-referential moments where he doesn’t have this constant fake swaggering act like Donald Trump,” Wilson said.

“Donald Trump, you know, for the faux macho act is just that, it’s a mile wide and an inch deep,” he continued. “A physical and moral coward, someone who ran from service from his country. The fact that he wants to hide his grades is self-evident because the guy obviously has the IQ as a room-temperature cup of yogurt.”

Indeed, Trump dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam War while McCain suffered years of torture as a prisoner of war after his fighter jet was shot down. McCain is a war hero, something Trump will never be.

And Fordham University has confirmed that Trump threatened a lawsuit against the school if it ever released his grades, so he clearly has something to hide.

“He is not a man who has ever shown any kind of accountability, responsibility, courage, or the integrity of any kind, in any sphere of his behavior,” Wilson concluded about Trump. “So John McCain is a rebuke to Donald Trump from beyond the grave. And he hates it. He doesn’t hate it because of the dossier. He hates it because Donald Trump knows that John McCain was more of a man than he could ever possibly hope to be.”

Here’s the video via Twitter.

Trump is an incompetent coward who doesn’t know the meaning of public service. He only cares about himself while McCain loved his country and risked his life to defend it and then served it again for decades in Congress until his dying breath.

This country needs more men like McCain, not more Trumps.

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