Rick Wilson hilariously mocks Trump’s NDA scheme to keep staffers silent


President Donald Trump’s effort to silence White House staffers by forcing them to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) drew merciless mocking from GOP strategist Rick Wilson on Twitter Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, Trump lashed out at former staffer Cliff Sims for writing a tell-all book about the chaos inside Trump’s administration as well as detailing some embarrassing moments Trump has had in the last two years.

Trump’s 2020 campaign then announced it would pursue a lawsuit against Sims for breaking the NDA agreement.

The problem is that these NDAs are nothing but a scheme to silence public servants, and they apparently reach even beyond the end of Trump’s presidency. So, the question is what is Trump so desperate to hide?

Well, Rick Wilson has an idea, and he revealed it while trashing the scheme at the same time.

Indeed, legal experts agree that Trump’s attempt to enforce the NDAs will be laughed out of court.

As Loyola Law School professor Jennifer Levinson wrote after Omarosa wrote her own book about her time in Trump’s inner circle, “government employees are public servants. Let me repeat — they are hired to serve the public, even if it doesn’t always seem like it. They are also paid with public funds. And therefore, barring national security or significant privacy concerns, government employees should be able to tell the public — who they work for — about their service in government.”

“Trump can attempt to bully or cajole his employees into signing any agreement he wants,” she continued. “But are those agreements enforceable? It seems unlikely. There’s a strong case to be made that NDAs signed by White House employees violate the First Amendment and also public policy, making it doubtful that a court would agree to enforce them.”

And if a court slaps down the Trump campaign’s lawsuit against Sims, the floodgates will open as staffers who signed these ridiculous agreements start ignoring them and reveal the truth to the American people that Trump doesn’t want us to hear.


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