WATCH: Samantha Bee Gives Hope Hicks The Sendoff She Deserves

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee gives Hope Hicks a four-letter-word sendoff. Screenshot by Full Frontal With Samantha Bee via YouTube video

On Full Frontal Wednesday evening, host Samantha Bee dismissed former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks a with a four-letter-word farewell. The host of the popular show said:

“Fuck you.”

Bee confessed that excoriating Hicks is one thing she hasn’t often done enough Crooks and Liars reports. But finally, three weeks after Hicks announced her departure, the late-night comedian decided now was the time to act.

“I cannot let another week go by without saying ‘Fuck you, Hope Hicks. I’ve never talked much about Hope because unlike every other member of the Trump orbit, she doesn’t careen onto our television screens, lobbing lies and racial invective every damn day. But that doesn’t mean she should get a pass.”

Noting a profile of Hicks by Olivia Nuzzi in New York Magazine, Bee said:

“Hicks doesn’t particularly like politics. Reportedly, she only left the White House because she hated the personal in-fighting, not because of say, Charlottesville — but not before baking cookies for her co-workers with notes in silver gel pen.”

And those notes, decorated with little silvery hearts read:

“Believe in love.”

A sentiment that somehow, doesn’t seem appropriate in the Trump administration.

But that wasn’t all, The Washington Post reports. Bee said:

“Hope Hicks, thanks to your force field of bland, pretty whiteness, you’ll probably escape this nightmare presidency unscathed. You’ll disappear into the nice, wealthy anonymity in a nice town somewhere and someday you’ll go to the gates of the nice, white Protestant heaven where St. Peter will laugh in your face and say, ‘You think you’re getting in here? You burned down democracy, bItch. Get your ass downstairs.'”

But no matter how whitely bland Hicks is, she may not disappear soon. She did, after all, admit to the House Intelligence Committee that she told “little white lies’ for her boss. She also met with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team last December.

So perhaps she will wind up downstairs. Where she belongs.

Here’s the hilarious video below.

Featured via YouTube video.