The View’s Meghan McCain Predicts Rocky 2020 For GOP After ‘Romney On Romney Crime’ By RNC Chair

McCain Romney

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain had a field day with RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel’s attack on incoming Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah.) for criticizing President Donald Trump’s character.

Romney slammed Trump in a scathing op-ed on Tuesday calling him out for disgracing the presidency with his outrageous and insulting behavior while vowing to stand up to Trump’s worst inclinations.

This resulted in Trump retaliating against him on Twitter, which was followed up by a response from McDaniel.

The problem is that Romney is McDaniel’s uncle, and it’s seriously distasteful for a member of a political family to attack another family member in this way.

For instance, not once has Trump thrown any of his own family members under the bus the way McDaniel did to her uncle on Wednesday.

“What’s fascinating about the dynamics of this is that his niece, Ronna McDaniel, is the GOP chairwoman,” McCain said. “That’s some Romney on Romney crime.”

“Where I come from in political families, you do not attack people you’re related to no matter what happens,” she continued. “What’s really going to be interesting is what happens with the GOP chair and the RNC given that his niece is the spokesperson.”

Indeed, this could be a moment that divides Republicans even further as Romney is an experienced politician with solid moderate Republican support while McDaniel is a shill for Trump who literally abandoned the Romney name because Trump told her to do so.

“What if you’re related to a murderer?” Joy Behar asked.

“My dad could have murdered somebody in cold blood and I would have said it doesn’t matter,” McCain replied.

Abby Huntsman opined that Romney is positioning himself as a potential 2020 primary challenger to Trump, but Sunny Hostin pointed out that Romney has flip-flopped far too many times to be considered a viable 2020 candidate. However, it should be pointed out that regardless of Romney’s flip-flopping, his character is far better than Trump’s.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Even Twitter users shamed McDaniel for turning against her own uncle in defense of Trump.


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