Tomi Lahren has a sad because ‘it’s open season on straight white men’

Tomi Lahren. Screen capture by John Whitehouse via Twitter

Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren has a sad. Again. It seems she all bummed out over the fact that “straight pride” parades aren’t a thing.

And she said so during her “First Thoughts” segment Wednesday on her show by defending a group of alt-Righters who hope to hold a “straight pride” parade in Boston this summer, TheDailyBeast reports.

She immediately mentioned June is Gay Pride Month and insisted she has “no issue with LGBT people being proud of who they are,” but then snapped that she “can do without men in speedos and buttless chaps parading through the streets.”

Then she complained that Boston may shutter the straight pride event because “straight people aren’t allowed to parade their heterosexuality for all to see.”

Lahren spotlighted “Super Happy Fun America,” the group sponsoring the parade and touted their “mission statement,” which claims it embraces diversity and identity among straight people “to promote engagement with the community.”

However, she noted the parade isn’t a done deal, Mediaite reports.

“But as it turns out, the city of Boston may not be so tolerant and accepting of a straight pride parade either,” Lahren said.

Then she added this gem:

“Don’t forget it is open season on straight white men in this country, and y’all aren’t allowed to celebrate your straightness,” then added “although the group touted they were working with Boston city officials to get their parade permit, city officials have said otherwise. Apparently, they have not been issued said permit.”

But according to news reports, there’s been no mention of the permit being denied, and Boston’s Democratic mayor Marty Walsh is so far remaining mum on the event.

Then she criticized the social media, complaining “it didn’t take long for Twitter social justice warriors to attack the parade.”

“Isn’t it funny how the so-called loving and tolerant leftists and members of the LGBT community demand respect for their events and celebrations, but are so quick to diminish, demonize, and mock the groups they disagree with,” she said.

She admitted that she realized the straight pride parade was meant as a joke, but then wondered why it’s taboo to recognize being straight and what she called “traditional values.”

“Can that not be a thing anymore?” she said. “I’m sick of this.”

She commiserated:

“The very groups that preached tolerance, love, and acceptance are anything but loving tolerance and accepting. In this era of 64 gender designations, female boy scouts, and pronoun enforcement, all things traditional or conservative are being hateful and deplorable,” Lahren said. “Enough. Enough with that crap.”

When I was a little girl, I asked my mom why there was a Father’s Day and a Mother’s Day but not a Children’s Day. Her answer?

“Because every day is Children’s Day.”

This is a no-brainer. Gay Pride parades are a “thing” because conservatives like Lahren have made it a “thing” with all their whining. Seriously. These people need to get over themselves.

You can watch Lahren being unintentionally amusing in John Whitehouse’s tweet below.

Featured image courtesy of the video above