Trump attacks Michael Cohen one day after Cohen postpones testimony citing Trump’s threats against family


President Donald Trump took shots at his former fixer Michael Cohen on Thursday morning, just a day after Cohen postponed his testimony to Congress citing Trump’s threats against his family.

On Wednesday, Cohen postponed his upcoming and highly anticipated February testimony to Congress through a statement by his attorney Lanny Davis because Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani have made threats against his family.

Trump threatened Cohen’s father-in-law on Twitter and doubled down on those threats over the weekend during an interview with Jeanine Pirro on Fox News.

The threats came after House committee chairmen issued a joint warning to Trump not to engage in intimidation tactics against Cohen.

By threatening Cohen’s family, Trump violated that warning, leading many to accuse him of committing a felony.

On Thursday, Trump once again attacked Cohen by gloating about him not testifying.

Legal experts responded by highlighting Trump’s witness intimidation and compared his tactics to the mafia.

Trump should be charged with witness intimidation. Cohen was all set to testify before Trump started threatening his family and it’s even more crucial that we hear Cohen testify because he can answer the question of whether or not Trump told him to lie to Congress about his Trump Tower Moscow project. If Cohen answers affirmatively, Trump is implicated in subornation of perjury, an impeachable and criminal offense.


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