Trump blasphemously refers to himself as the ‘second coming of God’


President Donald Trump is doubling down on his bet that evangelicals won’t abandon him regardless of what he does, this time by referring to himself as “the second coming of God” by quoting one of his most anti-Semitic supporters.

Despite all of his terrible behavior thus far, evangelicals still support Trump. The question is will they support him now that he has basically revealed himself as the Antichrist?

Trump has been complaining this week about having low poll numbers among American Jews, even going so far as to question their loyalty, which is an anti-Semitic trope.

On Wednesday, Trump continued to demonstrate his Antisemitism, but with a twist. He not only shared a message by a known anti-Semite, but the message also referred to Trump as “the second coming of God,” which Trump gleefully endorsed by quoting the message directly on his Twitter page.

This should draw immediate condemnation from evangelicals. And it should also concern them because this is yet another example of Trump displaying the traits of the Antichrist.

According to David Murray, Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, there are several known characteristics of the Antichrist described by the Bible. And many of them match Trump to a tee.

For example, the Antichrist is lawless and unethical.

“Paul calls him “The Man of Sin,” literally “The Man of Lawlessness” (2 Thess. 2:3),” Murray wrote on HeadHeartHand. “He will disregard God’s Word and God’s law and replace it with his own arbitrary laws. He will re-define what is evil and what is good. He will promote doctrinal and ethical lawlessness.”

Trump does this every single day as he undermines the rule of law and violates ethics rules. He literally thinks he is above the law and that he can do whatever he wants without consequence.

The Antichrist is also a destroyer, who seeks to destroy all who oppose him, but will also destroy his own followers.

We see this every day as well. Trump frequently attacks his political opponents and critics, even to the point of threatening them with prosecution and violence. And we all know his policies are hurting his supporters the most, including his assault on food stamps, his trade wars, and his attempt to kill Obamacare. Let’s also not forget his effort to destroy Democracy and checks and balances.

The Antichrist is also a deceiver, and we all know that Trump is a known and proven liar who has repeated many of the same lies over and over again to the point that he has now told over 12,000 lies since taking office in 2017. Trump also hides his tax returns from the public and claims to have “great” plans to solve problems without ever revealing the details.

The Antichrist also happens to be a politician. And no one can say that a person elected president is not a politician.

Trump also undermines the words of Jesus Christ by rejecting his message, thus making him a heretic.

“THE ultimate Antichrist will not deny everything about Christ, but just enough to undermine the power of Christ’s gracious salvation,” Murray notes. And that’s precisely why evangelicals have been so easy for Trump to dupe.

And then we get to what Trump did today by referring to himself as “the second coming of God.” Basically, Trump is substituting himself for God, which is what the Antichrist does.

This should alarm evangelicals if they are true believers. If they voted for Trump, they may have voted for the Antichrist, which should haunt them for the rest of their days. The only redemption for them is if they make sure they help oust him from office in 2020. But that’s assuming they still have a piece of their souls left to begin the process of rebuilding.

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