Trump boldly boasts that Democrats can’t touch him now or in 2020


President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to insist that Republicans have more energy ahead of the 2020 Election, drawing well-deserved mockery and humiliation in response.

After Democrats destroyed Republicans in the 2018 midterm election by winning 40 House seats to retake control of the chamber along with several governorships and statehouses in key swing states, Trump has been claiming ever since that the GOP really won because they held onto the Senate.

Of course, the reality is that Democrats were on the defensive in several Senate races, but came very close to winning in Florida and actually took a seat in red Arizona. Republicans only picked up two seats, and they will be the ones on the defensive in 2020 as more of them will be up for re-election in an even tougher arena.

But Trump thinks that Republicans will win in 2020 and that his wall will make the difference.

The facts actually present a stark future for Republicans in 2020.

Not only do a majority of Americans oppose Trump’s wall, which he talked about so much in 2018 that it cost Republicans the House, but a majority of registered voters also say they definitely will not vote for Trump in 2020.

Furthermore, an increasing number of Americans are discovering that Trump screwed them over with his tax law and actually support the Democratic plan to increase taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

So, those are two big losing issues for Republicans, and so is Trump’s national emergency declaration and the upcoming final report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 87 percent of Americans want it released to the public, and a damaging report would be devastating in 2020. And the results of the report might be so damaging that Trump doesn’t even make it to 2020.

It’s pretty clear that Trump is making laughable claims about 2020 because he’s panicking.

Twitter users only piled on by mocking him.

It’s pretty obvious that Americans are energized, it’s just that Democrats are more so heading into a 2020 campaign in which many strong Democratic candidates are in the field promoting highly popular ideas such as taxing the rich, universal healthcare and the Green New Deal. Trump can deny reality all he wants, but he and other Republicans will wake up after Election Day next year and find out that they no longer have any political power while his supporters wake up and realize he was full of bullsh*t.

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