Trump starts the day by whining about national emergency vote in the Senate


President Donald Trump woke up early Thursday morning and immediately started off his “executive time” by whining about the Senate vote on a resolution condemning his national emergency declaration.

Just a day after Senate Republicans joined Democrats in rebuking Trump’s military aid to Saudi Arabia in Yemen, the Senate is due to vote on yet another rebuke to his unconstitutional abuse of executive power, this time against his national emergency declaration.

Trump declared the national emergency last month but said he didn’t really need to do it. But he did anyway and then jetted off to play golf and eat waffles at Mar-a-Lago, demonstrating that the situation at the southern border is not an emergency at all.

As the Senate prepares for the vote, Trump complained about it.

The national emergency and the wall have both been opposed by Texas Republicans past and present and enough Republicans in the Senate disapprove of it that the resolution is likely going to pass. Of course, Trump will veto it and Republicans will be put in another untenable position because letting Trump’s national emergency stand opens the door for a Democratic president to declare national emergencies as well, which means Republicans will have to watch as Democrats pay for universal healthcare and climate change initiatives using Pentagon funding.

Twitter users mocked Trump’s whining.

It’s time for Republicans to put their money where their mouth is and vote against this abuse of executive power. Because even former President Obama did not go this far and the GOP still called him a tyrant.

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