Twitter Shreds Trump For Touting Military Spending At Easter Egg Roll

The annual White House Easter Egg Roll is supposed to be a time for children to have fun and share the day with the president and first lady.

But, as usual, President Donald Trump made the event all about him and his so-called accomplishments.

Speaking to parents and children from the Truman Balcony, the president began by patting himself on the back for the current state of the American economy:

“You look at the economy, you look at what’s happening.

“Nothing’s ever easy, but we have never had an economy like we have right now. But we’re going to make it bigger, better, stronger.”

Then Trump pivoted — oddly — to the military, as if little kids give a damn about such a subject:

“Our military … will soon be at a level that it’s never been before. The funding of our military was so important.”

Was that really necessary? Plenty of people on Twitter were less than impressed, and they let Trump know it on his favorite social media platform:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab