Judge angrily orders Roger Stone back to court for violating gag order again


President Donald Trump’s longtime associate Roger Stone is in even more legal trouble, this time for potentially violating his more restrictive gag order by failing to disclose the upcoming release of a new book that could include passages about Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his own case.

Stone first violated the order last month by posting an image of Judge Amy Berman Jackson on his Instagram along with cross hairs above her head as he accused her of being part of a “Deep State” conspiracy against him.

Stone soon removed the post and tried to offer an apology, which legal experts mocked, but it was too late.

Jackson responded by ordering Stone to court where she ripped him a new one but stopped short of sending him to jail, instead making the gag order even more restrictive.

Now he is going back to court for yet another apparent violation of his gag order.

According to Bloomberg:

In a brief court order Friday, the judge overseeing Stone’s criminal case asked lawyers for the longtime adviser to President Donald Trump why she wasn’t told about the “imminent general release” of a book Stone appears to be involved with. Just eight days ago, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson reprimanded Stone for violating a gag order and threatened to jail him if he continued to talk to the media.

Stone must explain by March 4 “why this matter — which was known to the defendant — was not brought to the court’s attention,” Jackson said in her order.

By not disclosing the existence of this book and its “imminent release,” Stone appears to be hiding it from the court because he thinks it’s a way around his gag order. It’s unlikely the judge will see it that way because she ordered him not to talk about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation or his own case in any form, including in a book.

Jackson may not have sent him to jail last time around, but she could certainly put him behind bars this time for trying her patience. And he won’t do well in prison.

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