Kellyanne Conway ironically whines that Joe Biden’s speeches ‘don’t make sense’

Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway works for President Donald Trump, so she more than anyone else should know just how nonsensical and incoherent his speeches and remarks are, yet she has the nerve to claim that it’s former Vice-President Joe Biden who doesn’t make sense.

During a dust-up with reporters on Tuesday, Conway attacked Biden for supporting Medicare for All like many other Democratic 2020 candidates.

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“You can make a speech but you don’t have to make sense, apparently,” Conway said. “Is he for Medicare for all [because] Obamacare didn’t work?”

But Obamacare did work and it continues to work despite Trump’s multiple efforts to sabotage it. More people have access to health insurance than ever before because of the healthcare law. That doesn’t mean, however, that there’s no room for improvement. While Trump and Republicans don’t have a plan to replace Obamacare, Democrats are pushing for universal healthcare, which would be the best possible improvement to our healthcare system.

It makes sense that Biden would support universal healthcare, for moral, political and practical reasons.

What doesn’t make sense is Kellyanne Conway accusing him of not making sense when her boss is the king of incoherent rambling.

Whether it’s on Twitter or during rallies, Trump has made all kinds of claims that make zero sense, such as when he claimed that parents and doctors decide to execute a newborn baby or not. Trump has also wrongly claimed that the Russia investigation was a coup against the government.

And let’s not forget Trump’s claim that migrants are invading America and that he’s a “young vibrant man.”

Clearly, Trump fears Biden or Conway would not be desperately attacking him the way she has been in recent days.

That makes perfect sense.

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