Trump Insists He’s Ready To Make Deal With Democrats Hours Before They Take Over The House

Trump government shutdown

President Donald Trump issued what appeared to be the sanest tweet that he has posted since the government shutdown began nearly two weeks ago, and insisted that he’s ready to work with Democrats as they prepare to take over the House on Thursday.

Just hours before Democrats take over the gavel in the House of Representatives, Trump met with Democratic leaders in the White House, this time without cameras, to discuss bills to fund the government and end the shutdown.

While Trump’s focus is still on border security, he curiously omitted any mention of his wall on Twitter Wednesday evening and managed to write something more conciliatory insisting that he’s ready to work with Democrats to make a deal.

Did Trump really write this? Who knows. It’s certainly not his style. But it’s pretty clear that Trump is trying to avoid another fiasco in which he says something to weaken his own position. But it’s a little late to do that since Americans continue to blame him for the government shutdown.

On the flip side, presumed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer reported after the meeting that Trump and Republicans still refuse to accept the funding bills Democrats are offering, even though it’s the same bill that Senate Republicans unanimously approved last month before Trump changed his mind and rejected it.

“We have given Republicans a chance to take yes for an answer,” she said. “We have taken their proposals unamended by any House bipartisan amendments, but just staying true to what the Senate has already done. Our question to the president and to the Republicans is, why don’t you accept what you have already done to open up government, and that enables us to have 30 days to negotiate for border security?”

She later asked the same question on Twitter.

Schumer also asked Trump to give him a good reason why he won’t accept the bill, and Trump apparently could not deliver.

Here’s the video of their remarks via Twitter.

Even Twitter users called Trump out for merely pretending that he really wants to compromise, observing that he waited until the last moment to drop mention of his wall, but also pointing out that he has already rejected compromise bills, even one that gave him nearly everything he wanted on immigration, including $25 billion for his wall. He refused to sign it because it also protected DACA. In short, Trump thinks compromise means being the only one who gets what they want.

Democrats are offering plenty of border security funding in their bill, which again, is the same bill Republicans passed in the Senate last month. It’s just not going to fund Trump’s useless wall, which is nothing more than a vanity project that will cost taxpayers money that could be used on better solutions to improve border security or something else that will help the American people, such as healthcare. Until he decides to truly compromise by giving up his wall, the government shutdown will continue because of his stubbornness.

It seems like Trump is backing away from his wall, but we’ve sadly been here before only for Trump to turn around and throw a tantrum rejecting the bill because he didn’t get his way.

UPDATE: Like clockwork, Trump predictably took to Twitter just hours later to once again reverse course by demanding wall funding.


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