Glenn Beck pathetically tries to escape irrelevancy by claiming Trump is last real male role model

Glenn Beck

Disgraced right-wing radio host Glenn Beck is apparently still around, but his attempt to escape irrelevancy drew mockery after he laughably declared President Donald Trump the last real male role model and compared him to James Bond.


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During his television show on his The Blaze channel, Beck made the statement, which was flagged by The Daily Beast:

There are no examples of men being men. James Bond. That’s it. A movie. There’s no male role models. Would you agree with that? So Donald Trump: here’s a guy who marries a supermodel, is like, ‘Yeah, I can make it with any model I want.’ He’s over the top, but he fights back, he doesn’t flinch… he is the almost cartoon of an alpha dog. You know what I mean? And I think because we have taken alpha dogs and shot them all, when he comes to the table there’s a lot of guys that are out there goin’ ‘Damn right!’

And as soon as he said it, people laughed at him across the country and are still laughing at him on social media.


Because Trump is nowhere near being a male role model. We’re talking about a man who cheats on his wife with porn stars and pays them hush money for their silence. We’re talking a man who has lied over 8,000 times since taking office and is being investigated for conspiracy, obstruction of justice, tax evasion, insurance fraud, campaign finance felonies, money laundering and a whole host of other crimes.

Trump has bragged about grabbing women by their genitals without consent and has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women and of child molestation. He also has an unnatural obsession with his daughter Ivanka.

In addition, Trump throws temper tantrums that makes actual toddlers seem mature and is constantly panicking as the walls close in. Trump is also a coward because he dodged the draft during the Vietnam War, insults military veterans and he won’t stand up to dictators.

It’s doubtful that Bond, a fictional character, would ever be willfully or unwillfully played by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un or Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Anyway, Twitter weighed in on Beck’s absurd claim by humiliating him.

Congratulations, Glenn Beck. You not only proved that you are still irrelevant, you proved that you are still a laughingstock, too.

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