Trump Rants About Democrats Not Caring About DACA And Other Lies In New Twitter Fit Over His Wall

Trump wall

President Donald Trump threw another hissy fit aimed at Democrats on Sunday accusing them of not caring about DACA in an apparent attempt to force them to approve his useless wall.

Back in the summer, Trump had a chance to trade DACA for $25 billion in wall funding that had been offered to him in a compromise bill agreed to by both Democrats and Republicans. Trump rejected that deal, refusing to protect Dreamers because he didn’t want Democrats to get anything in return for approving his wall.

Now he’s trying to claim that Democrats don’t care about DACA, and predicted that Hispanics are going to support Republicans.

In fact, polls show that Hispanics overwhelmingly oppose Trump’s wall 76 percent to 19 percent.

And they know damn well that Democrats are fighting for DACA. It’s just that it’s impossible to make a deal with Trump because he keeps standing in his own way.

Speaking of standing in one’s own way, Trump continued arguing for his wall by repeating the same lies.

Again, a wall will not stop crime or drugs and is actually a logistical, environmental and financial nightmare to build.

Furthermore, Democrats did not go on break voluntarily. Senate Republicans control the Senate and they are the ones who adjourned for the weekend over Democratic objections.

Democrats have also tried talking to Trump, but he’s the one who cut a meeting short by walking out in a huff because he wasn’t getting his way. It should also be pointed out that Trump left Washington to travel to the border for a photo-op and political stunt rather than staying in the White House to host more talks.

If there were a true crisis on the border, Republicans would have passed Trump’s wall funding when they controlled Congress for the last two years. And landowners and Republican lawmakers on the border would be begging for a wall. Instead, they oppose it. Even a majority of Texas voters oppose the wall.

Trump can whine all he wants, but the bottom line is that he had a chance to compromise and get an even better deal several months ago and he rejected it. He has no right to expect a compromise now, and just floating DACA as a negotiating tactic shows his desperation.

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